In November, 2013, Hipark, Xiaoshan development zone under custody opened. Located in Xiaoshan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hipark covers 5.25 hectare and 200000 square meters of building area aboveground and underground. Hipark has two-period exploitation and development, making it as a Hi-tech Incubation Park with various functions including Hi-tech R&D, ideas, technique innovation, Hi-tech enterprise cultivation, work, experiment, recreation& fitness, business dining, intermediary service, exhibition, etc.
On December, 31, 2014, 228 companies made the registration in the Hipark with 1.29 billion yuan, 380 million yuan , 386 million dollars, 225 million dollars. There are 122 IT and software companies in the new generation, 41 companies of E-commerce, 65 companies of smart healthcare equipment and biotechnology, among which 148 companies have more than 5 million registered capitals. The project include many companies, such as Koudai.com with 400 million dollars investment funds and 150 million dollars down payments; Guanhao.com, the largest Internet medical-seeking platform (capitals increase 113 million dollars again in the near future); Wantsun, the largest bulk commodity exchange platform; Digital Union China, the largest cloud computing digital home platform in China, etc. Due to Hipark aggregation advantages, the intellectual industry effects including talents effect, IT effect, environment effect, basis effect, information effect are appearing.