Qingchun Road Cross-river Tunnel Project


In 2008, Insigma invested and constructed the first large-diameter shield tunnel——HangZhou Qingchun Road Cross-river Tunnel, which crossing the Qiantang River. The project is one of the major initiatives that carry out “exploiting along the river, developing across the river” strategy raised by Hangzhou municipal and Government. The length of construction is about 5.4 kilometers. The tunnel was opened in December, 2012 with 3.55- kilometer tunnel length and 42-month construction period.
With 3 billion subsidies and 20-year operating cycle, the tunnel is the first public infrastructure project that adopts BOT mode in Hangzhou. The subsidy is mainly from four-self road charges of car owners.
As the first cross-river tunnel in Hangzhou, Hangzhou Qingchun Road Cross-river Tunnel is one of the most important symbols marking that Hangzhou is entering “Qiantang River Times” from “West Lakes Times”. The tunnel connects with Shixin Road of Xiaoshan in the south and Qinchun Road of Hangzhou in the north, linking Qianjiang Century City and Hangzhou CBD together, the central business district in the Xiaoshan Planning, which plays a key role in making it faster to form the center business district in Hangzhou and bringing overall plan into force.
In April, 2014, the key technique study and engineering application project of Hangzhou Qinchun Cross-river tunnel in charge of Prof. Shiming Wu of Insigma were honored with the First Prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology. As the first large-diameter shield tunnel——HangZhou Qingchun Road Cross-river Tunnel, this project has overcome a series of difficulties under complicated hydrologic conditions and generate some key techniques after closely connecting with practical situations. No doubt this project makes great contributions to technological advancement, and has a bright future in shield tunnel construction area.