Shandong PPP Development Fund Project


In November 2015, the “Shandong Lanhai infrustructure construction PPP development Fund”, which was founded by Insigma, Shandong Marine Investments Co., Ltd. and Shandong Dongyin Investment Co., Ltd., won the bidding of Sub-fund of Shandong PPP Development Fund. Total amount of the fund reaches 10 billion RMB. Objects of the fund are those PPP projects which has been brought into provincial PPP projects library and has passed the financial capacity argument and value for money evaluation in Shandong province. The quota allocated to PPP projects within Shandong province should not be less than 80%, and the remaining part should be invested to industrial equity investment. Social Effect Shandong PPP Development Fund will greatly help speed up the construction of PPP projects of Shandong province and help improve people’s life.