Smart City Administration

Under the circumstances of smart city construction, Insigma creatively comes up with building “smart city administration”, fully taking advantage of some modern IT methods like Internet of things, cloud computing, information integration, network communication, data analysis and mining, etc. By means of open data and data exchange, smart city administration gradually makes the traditional government affair-oriented urban management informatization change into citizen interaction-oriented service so as to create many interaction-oriented terminal applications like mobile phone, Pad, etc.
“Smart city administration cloud platform” provides citizens with convenience service, propaganda & guidance, warning & prediction, interaction reward, etc. Meanwhile, it fully mobilizes citizens to achieve “socialized” information collection so that everyone can participate in the city management and achieve “all citizens ‘supervision” city management pattern. As for city administration departments, smart city administration integrates distributed applications and strengthens resources sharing and business cooperation among departments so as to achieve accurate, agile, efficient, all-time and all-around city administration management.