The Zijin Town of Zhejiang University


The Zijin Town of Zhejiang University is the essential part of the Western Technology and Innovation Corridor of Hangzhou, and was led by ITRI of Zhejiang University and Zhejiang University’s Technology parks with the support of Hangzhou Xihu District. The planned area of the town is about 8 square kilometers. Relying on the advantage of high-level talents of Zhejiang University, the Zijin Town is devotes to improve the technology transition, accelerate achievement transformation and propel the transfornational development of the economic society.

Insigma, being the aboriginal of the Zijin Town, will support all the section of its construction and operation, providing services such as industry clustering and  incubating, helping form an open and win-win innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

 Zhejiang Intellectual Property Exchange Center

Zhejiang Intellectual Property Exchange Center (ZJIPX) was jointly initiated by the Science Technology Department of Zhejiang Province and Zhejiang University, formally established and ceremonially conferred by Mr. Che Jun, Acting Governor of Zhejiang Province in August 2016, as an important component of Zhejiang Science and Technology Market and Zhejiang’s regional financial exchange markets. ZJIPX debuted during on the Tenth China Industry-University-Research Collaborative Innovation Conference and the 2016 Technology Week of China Zhejiang Online Technology Market, which marks ZJIPX’s commencement of operations.

ZJIPX brings together multiple parties to jointly develop a public innovation services platform that integrates technology transfer, intermediary services, consultation services, and project incubation. ZJIPX applies the “Internet+IP” O2O and big data model in order to promote collaborative innovation by the “government, industry, university, research, finance, intermediaries and adopters”, and to actively attract domestic and overseas universities, research institutes and corporations, with the ultimate goal of trading and transforming technical achievements of the highest potential.

The AI Cloud Platform

The AI Cloud Platform is set by Insigma and Zhejiang University, devotes to forming the AI ecosystem in the Zijin Town of Zhejiang University. The AI achievements in the platform can be used for helping those companies who specialize in intelligent applications to focus on their own market.

Insigma and Zhejiang University will fully make use of the special advantages of industry clustering, resources collecting and comprehensive services, taking in innovative projects and companies, then making the western part of Zijin Town an industry base of AI, big data and cloud service.